Properties At Risk

Here’s a not-so-fun fact:

there are more than 3,000 abandoned, neglected and blighted vacant properties in the City of Richmond. We want to connect those broken-down buildings with owners who will rescue, restore and renovate them. Waiting for that list to shrink on its own could take years.

Historic Richmond needs your help to speed up the process.

If you’re sick of the rotten boards, busted windows and collapsed porches that never seem to get fixed… If you’re tired of the glut of run-down, ragged-out residences ruining your neighborhoods… You have two choices…

1. DO NOTHING and hope that somebody, somewhere, eventually fixes it.

2. Help Historic Richmond and TAKE ACTION to save the city you love.

Taking action is easy. All you need is one finger… and a smartphone.

1. Find an ugly, empty building that nobody seems to care about.

2. Snap a picture of that ugly, empty building.

3. Include an address for the ugly, empty building and whatever additional information you care to provide.

4. Send the picture and information to [[email protected]] and we’ll work on getting to the bottom of the issue. We’ll contact neighborhood and city officials, gather information and post updates on our website and social media channels.


It’s not going to work magic overnight, but raising awareness is a step in the right direction. We need your help. Richmond needs your help. So start snapping!


Follow the progress on all our [email protected] properties here. 

Please keep in mind that any buildings or houses photographed must be vacant. Any information that you share with Historic Richmond will be kept confidential. The sole purpose of [email protected] is to make the greater public aware of the issue of blight by highlighting specific problem properties and the submission of material does not initiate any official action in and of itself.