Is it possible to save a façade?


  • Yes! Saving a façade is one way to preserve a building and the streetscape. There are a number of ways that a façade can be incorporated into a new structure. In essence, the façade remains and a new building is constructed behind it. Although it is most desirable to save an entire building with its interior space, retaining the façade is preferred over demolition of the entire structure.
  • There are plenty of examples, even right here in Richmond, of façades that have been saved. The Colonial Theater was almost entirely demolished in 1992, but the façade was preserved as the front of an office building, thereby retaining the streetscape of Broad Street’s Theater Row for the public’s enjoyment. Another well-known example is the Hearst Tower in New York City; the original six story building was preserved and acts as a base for a glass and steel tower.