What does Historic Richmond want to see? What is the solution?


  • Recent renovations of the Virginia Capitol, the Patrick Henry Building, and the 9th Street Office Building (the former Richmond Hotel) and earlier work on Old City Hall met high standards for historic preservation while incorporating quality, modern design and efficiency measures.
  • The Commonwealth has the opportunity to achieve similarly high standards for the renovation of the GAB and the design of any associated new structures.
  • Ideally, the Commonwealth would commit to rehabilitate the building rather than demolish it, retaining as much of the original structure as possible and incorporating it into any new design. We believe that the 1912 Life of Virginia façade is particularly important.
  • Any design for new construction in and around Capitol Square deserves careful consideration and the opportunity for input from citizens and organizations committed to preserving Capitol Square’s distinctive historic character.
  • Scale, massing, quality and preservation of the Broad, 9th and Capitol Street streetscapes are important factors, as is the relationship between these buildings and the Virginia Capitol, associate buildings like Old City Hall, and the Capitol Square landscape.
  • Historic Richmond is pleased to already have had a very positive meeting with the Honorable Susan Clarke Schaar, Clerk of the Senate, and the Honorable G. Paul Nardo, Clerk of the House and Keeper of the Rolls of the Commonwealth, to discuss plans for the future of the GAB, including their efforts to save the 1912 façade. We have every expectation of similarly positive meetings with the Clerks in the future and that interested stakeholders, including Historic Richmond, will be allowed to participate in the exterior design process for any new construction in and around Capitol Square at the appropriate time.