Dec 15

What is Historic Richmond’s involvement?

  • Historic Richmond has a history of proactively and positively partnering with owners of historic structures to see those historic structures to a brighter future.
  • The Shockoe Valley is critically important to our understanding of Richmond’s and our nation’s cultural history. We have researched the cultural significance of many structures in the Shockoe Valley and believe that there are several structures, which because of their age, architectural style, association with historic events or persons, or other factors are more historically or culturally significant than others. Masons’ Hall is one of the most important structures in the Shockoe Valley. As such, Historic Richmond has been monitoring developments relating to the Masons’ Hall for many years and, from time to time, has provided advice and assistance relating to the preservation of this important structure.
  • The Masons have worked valiantly within their membership to care for and maintain Masons’ Hall, but the demands and anticipated costs of extensive restoration work are daunting.
  • For more than a year, Historic Richmond has been working with the Masons to help develop solutions for this historic structure, including providing technical assistance related to the preservation of the structure. Historic Richmond recently has agreed to help Richmond Randolph Lodge Number 19 (and an associated foundation, Masons’ Hall 1785) to advance the preservation of Masons’ Hall by providing financial and technical assistance with respect to a structural roof investigation.
  • The structural roof investigation was conducted by Balzer and Associates, Inc. to identify the structural issues that should be addressed and designs for roof stabilization are now in process. Historic Richmond has funded the roof investigation and has raised a portion of the funds needed for the permanent stabilization.
    • Many thanks to the Matthew and Genevieve Mezzanotte Foundation for its generous grant to support the permanent stabilization.
  • Historic Richmond also is working with the Masons to develop a plan to implement the recommendations of the structural roof investigation and a fundraising campaign prioritizing implementation of those recommendations.
  • In addition, Historic Richmond has worked with Prologue Systems to obtain 3-D laser scans of Masons’ Hall to document the historic attic framing prior to commencing work on the permanent stabilization. A brief video showing a quick look at certain scan data of the attic and second floor is available here.
  • Historic Richmond and the Masons also have worked cooperatively towards implementing additional preservation protections on this important structure, including the recent designation of the Masons’ Hall as a City of Richmond Old & Historic District.
  • Richmond’s historic buildings – from landmark civic buildings like Masons’ Hall to its most humble dwellings – define Richmond’s distinctive character. Maintaining that unique sense of place is fundamental to Richmond’s bright future.
  • Historic Richmond is grateful to our donors, whose generosity and financial support are vital to Historic Richmond’s efforts to preserve, protect and promote those historic buildings and places that make Richmond unique, beautiful and authentic.
  • For more information on how you can help support our work to preserve the Masons’ Hall, please contact our office. Please join us as we unlock the secrets of this national treasure!