Monumental Church

East Stairwell of Monumental Church

Aug 3, 2018

The East Stairwell of Monumental Church has a fresh coat of paint! This stunning color  from Benjamin Moore is called Mochachino and was recently painted by H.J. Hotlz and Son. Click here to see the East Stairwell!  

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Faux Graining: The Doors of Monumental Church

May 30, 2018

We are excited to present the completed faux graining to the inner sanctuary doors at Monumental Church! In 2017 Black Creek Workshop completed a paint analysis and reveal of the original faux graining on the doors at Monumental Church dating from 1814. From that sample, (that can still be seen on the west portico doors)…

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Monumental Church turns 200

Oct 9, 2014

By KATHERINE CALOS Richmond Times-Dispatch Posted: Saturday, September 27, 2014 A fantastic article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch highlighting 200-year-old Monumental Church. READ THE ARTICLE.

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Walk On Architecture Review: Three modest, diverse and well-conceived projects add to the pedestrian experience in downtown Richmond.

Aug 19, 2014

BY EDWIN SLIPEK Style Weekly August 19, 2014 Great article in Style Weekly on the recently installed Dr. Waverly M. Cole and Dr. John R. Cook Memorial Terrace at Monumental Church! READ THE ARTICLE

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Where Am I RVA? Monumental Church Renovation

Jul 1, 2014

BY PHIL RIGGAN “With a recent upgrade to an outdoor patio space, the renovation of the church is nearly complete. Local design build firm, WestView Companies, designed and constructed the historic timeline, which was constructed of solid granite pieces, inlaid into the new memorial terrace on the west side of the church, and etched…

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A Monumental Love Story

Jun 24, 2014

BY HARRY KOLLATZ JR. Richmond magazine June 24, 2014 “This is a many-splendored love story. It’s about the commitment between two people and devotion to a beloved place that arose from tragedy.” READ THE ARTICLE

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Saving history does not come cheap

May 28, 2014

BY BRANDY BRUBAKER Richmond BizSense, May 28, 2014 “The Historic Richmond is spearheading efforts to enhance and restore the 200-year-old Monumental Church at 1224 E. Broad St.” READ THE ARTICLE

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Monumental Church Undergoes Two Exciting Projects

Apr 28, 2014

By Emily Davis for Richmond Weddings Blog In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Monumental Church, Historic Richmond has recently embarked on two exciting projects. Historic Richmond hired Elaine Tucker Haviland, historic paint artisan, to restore the altar to its original 1814 paint scheme – a faux Prussian blue marble with off white marble trim.…

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HOLMBERG: Monumental task for Monumental Church in Monument City

Apr 9, 2014


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