There are two types of historic designations within Richmond. The National Register is a federal designation and carries no restrictions on the property. City Old and Historic Districts are local designations and do carry restrictions on exterior alterations and new construction.


Determine if your property is in a National Register Historic Districts 



Determine if your property is in a City Old and Historic District



Commission of Architectural Review (CAR)

The Commission of Architectural Review (CAR) helps to preserve the unique qualities of historic neighborhoods and sites by reviewing any proposed alteration, repainting, construction, or demolition within a designated Old and Historic District. CLICK HERE


Commission of Architectural Review General Information Brochure 



Handbook and Design Review Guidelines

An extensive document by CAR that provides clear and objective recommendations for the preservation, restoration or rehabilitation of structures, as well as for new construction on vacant parcels or additions to existing buildings within the City’s Old and Historic Districts. CLICK HERE


View City Old and Historic maps by  District



Church Hill Historic Plaques

If you live in the Church Hill neighborhood and would like an historic plaque for your home please contact our Preservation Team at 804.643.7407.


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