Easement and Right-of-First-Refusal

Architectural Easements and First Rights-of-Refusal are tools that preservationists use to continue the legacy of a culture’s built environment.  Historic Richmond holds many architectural easements and first rights of refusal, the combination and depth to which vary according to the specific structure and the desire of the original grantor (the owner). To view easement list click here.


An architectural easement is a legal agreement between Historic Richmond and the owner of a historic property to preserve the character, materials and treatments of the historic structure while allowing the homeowner to retain the essential interest in the property.

First Right-of-Refusal

A first right-of-refusal is a legal agreement between Historic Richmond and a historic homeowner that gives Historic Richmond the right to purchase a house if, in the future, the structure becomes available for sale.

A note to Historic Richmond Easement and First Right-of-Refusal Homeowners:

As an easement or first right-of-refusal homeowner, the primary objective for Historic Richmond’s vested interest in your property is to ensure its preservation as well as to eliminate the threat of future demolition. When you are in the process of selling your home, please make your realtor aware of Historic Richmond’s easement or first right-of-refusal. Upon execution of the contract of sale, please forward a copy to Historic Richmond at 4 East Main Street, Suite 1C, Richmond, Virginia 23219. Upon review and approval of the contract, we will waive our first right in order for you to proceed with the sale.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 804.643.7407.

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