Research & Historic Documentation

The Virginia Historical Society

The Historical Society is a resource for literature and photography regarding the earliest individuals and structures within the Commonwealth. The archive contains many autobiographical accounts of the people and places who left their legacy on today’s built environment. CLICK HERE


The Library of Virginia

For individuals seeking information regarding annual real estate assessments, building permits, city directories and insurance policies, all of these documents are accessible at the Library of Virginia. Sanborne Maps, which reflect fire insurance policies, are also found at the Library and are an effective way of estimating the original footprint of a building. These maps may also confirm historic land patterns as well as suggest periods of growth or alteration. CLICK HERE


Dementi Studios

As one of Richmond’s oldest operating photography studios, the Dementi archive contains over one million historic Richmond photographs. Many of these photographs may give an individual an idea of how a building previously appeared. CLICK HERE


The Valentine Richmond History Center

Paying homage to all things Richmond, the Richmond History Center contains a wonderful archive of historic Richmond photographs, facts and architectural drawings. It is here where the famous Mary Wingfield Scott “Card Collection” of historic structures are held. The Cook Collection of Civil War photographs are also held at the Valentine. CLICK HERE


Virginia Commonwealth University

The Virginia Commonwealth University Cabell Library special collections contains an extensive archive of oral histories, historic Richmond postcards, thesis statements and other objects and documents. CLICK HERE


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