What We Do

We are champions of Richmond’s past and passionate fans of its future.

Richmond’s history isn’t the whole story. The greatest cities in the world move forward and build on their heritage. Our great old buildings and homes belong to the opening pages of an epic that is still a work in progress. New chapters are written every day. Future generations will pick up where we leave off.

We are not a museum or a government agency. Historic Richmond is an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the foundation of what makes Richmond unique, beautiful and unlike any other city on the planet. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit that works to encourage preservation, rehabilitation and revitalization in the city.

We collaborate with government, neighborhoods, businesses, organizations, foundations and individuals who share our passion for Richmond’s significant and historic structures and places. We consider it our job to educate and enlighten citizens about the cultural, aesthetic and economic value of Richmond’s unique built environment. We engage the community all year long through a regular flow of information and publications, public events, presentations and special tours.

We believe Richmond is like no other city on Earth and we’re doing everything possible to keep it that way.

Pillar Stories




Historic Richmond protects historically significant structures and places 50 years or older within the city limits or immediate corridors.



Historic Richmond encourages restoration, repurposing and reuse rather than destruction.




Jackson Ward_Meredith House_133 W Jackson St._after_November 2013 009

Historic Richmond acts as a catalyst, targeting structures that can spark the renewal of a block or neighborhood.



Historic Richmond is a watchdog and a cheerleader, celebrating successes and proactively addressing topical issues and concerns within the community.

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