Our mission is to shape the future of Richmond by preserving our distinctive historic character, sparking revitalization and championing our important architectural legacy. Our city is evolving every day. The skyline and the landscape are changing. We are dedicated to keeping the Richmond of tomorrow unique and distinct from every other city on Earth. We are committed to preserving the character of the city, energizing its neighborhoods and conspiring to keep Richmond interesting and authentic.

Our History

When historic neighborhoods, such as Church Hill, and other early buildings were in jeopardy of demolition, a group of Richmond activists led by Mary Wingfield Scott intervened to preserve them as the wonderful neighborhoods and places they are today.

The group formed the William Byrd Branch of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA) to save The Adam Craig House. This organization would later spawn Historic Richmond.

Elisabeth Scott Bocock and Louise Catteral form the Historic Richmond Foundation. HRF worked with state and city governments to create the city’s Local Old and Historic District ordinance, which protects certain neighborhoods from demolition and architectural change.

Historic Richmond continues to champion downtown neighborhoods and buildings which are neglected and in danger as businesses and residents leave for the suburbs.

Historic Richmond celebrates 75 years of Richmond preservation and revitalization.


During the renaissance taking place in downtown Richmond, Historic Richmond continues to help shape the future of our city by caring for our distinctive historic character and championing our past and future architectural legacy.

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