Council of Historic Richmond
Founded in 1959, the mission of the Council of Historic Richmond is to support Historic Richmond through a variety of projects and programs.

The Council prepares its members to be ambassadors for Historic Richmond through self-enrichment gained from programs, tours, research projects and attendance at educational events sponsored by the Council and Historic Richmond. The Council supports a yearly bus trip for membership to gain exposure to various historic properties.

Every year, the Council hosts Historic Garden Day for the Garden Club of Virginia’s Richmond territory.  The Council also works with historic neighborhoods to create a walking tour of notable historic homes, where Council members serve as tour guides and hostesses.


Council Membership Information

Membership on the Council requires serious commitment to the Council’s mission, Historic Richmond, and preservation in Richmond.  The Council is an exciting, rewarding and educational opportunity for its members and a valuable resource for preserving the quality of our community.

Council membership is limited to 60 women, 22 years or older, who reside in the Richmond Metropolitan area.  Members are expected to participate regularly in Council activities.

Council members at Garden Day  Council exec  Susan Fisher at Garden Day  Executive Committee Meeting of Council February 10, 2016



2015- 2016 Council of Historic Richmond

Council Executive Committee

Allison Woodward, President

Deborah Fulk, Programs Vice-President

Mary Beth Metcalf, Membership Vice-President

Kim Lewis, Recording Secretary

Joni Moncure, Corresponding Secretary

Beth Ludden, Treasurer

Lisa Caperton, Immediate Past President


Active Council Members

Madeleine Bennett
Buffy Bickford
Karen Biggs
Susie Bogese
MacKay Boyer
Melissa Bowen-Rees
Barbara Brancoli
Debbie Brooks
Lisa Caperton
Stephanie Caperton
Betsy Coffield
Christine Corbin
Stacie Cornett
Susan Dameron
Jennifer Fergusson
Susan Fisher
Barbara Flatin
Deborah Fulk
Page George
Kathryn Gray
Mary Anne Griffin
Jeanine Hinson
Patricia Hunter
Sarah Hurst
Eucharia Jackson
Judith Jessup
Molly Johnson
Margo Jones
Maureen Leipertz
Eleanor Lewis
Kim Lewis
Beth Ludden
Mary Beth Metcalf
Rebecca McGraw
Carol McKnight
Katherine Meyers
Cheryl Miller
Joni Moncure
LeeAnn Motley
Victoria Morahan
Maryann Moulton
Deborah Noland
Shirley Parker
Laurie Petronis
Trudy Porter
Cindy Rayner
Debbie Scott
Stacy Smith
Leslie Stack
Kerry Svoboda
Allison Woodward
Allison Wright
Sarah Wyatt
Lucie Yudkin


Sustaining Council Members

Margaret Bacigal
Madeline Bennett
Karen Berkness
Anne Boeve
Betsy Booth
Nancy N. Cheely
Joan Clement
Anne Dawson
Kathy DeLoyht
Karen S. Emroch
Cheryl Fockler
Deb Galeski
Debbie Gibbs
Susan Gibson
Mary Jane Massad Hogue
Ann McLean
Libby Marth
Darcie Nelsen
Anita Purcell
Lynn Purdy
Martha Rhodes
Mary Roach
Elizabeth Carrington Shuff
Gaye Steinmetz
Dee Dee Sutton
Mary Wick

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