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On October 5, we ask "Why Give to Historic Richmond?" Did you know that Historic Richmond is the ONLY non-profit solely dedicated to protecting and enhancing Richmond’s irreplaceable historic built environment? We saved the National Theatre, Old City Hall, Monumental Church, Main Street Station, and SO many more!

This is a grassroots campaign, and we are asking YOU- our supporters, cheerleaders, partners, and friends to tell us what you love about Historic Richmond and answer "This is why I GIVE..."

We will be sharing stories on social media and sending updates throughout the day so be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook and tag us @HistoricRVA with "This is why I GIVE..."

Tell us why you give to Historic Richmond and you could win a Quoit Club Membership for 2022!

Ways to Enter:
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    Information on Slides:
    Template 1: 1708 Monteiro Street:
    Quoit Club toured the last of the first three houses we are rehabilitating with project:HOMES and the City of Richmond as part of our Gateway Corridor Revitalization Project. This project provides affordable housing while preserving the rich architectural and cultural fabric of the historic Barton Heights neighborhood.

    The three properties, while not the most significant buildings in the neighborhood, represent good to excellent examples of each of the characteristic architectural styles found in the neighborhood – the Late Victorian, Queen Anne, and Colonial Revival. Like the other two homes rehabbed as part of this partnership, this home will be sold through the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust (MWCLT) as permanently affordable housing.

    Working together with our partners, our work with the Southern Barton Heights Gateway Revitalization Project demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of synergy of people and place.

    Templates 2 & 3: Historic Richmond 2021:
    Slides include: Historic Richmond's Golden Hammer Awards (celebrating those who improved Richmond in 2021), Northside revitalization projects, virtual preservation lectures which increased our outreach from local to national, Pump House advocacy, and Quoit Club tours.

    Template 4: Shockoe:
    Historic Richmond has actively engaged with the City of Richmond and the Shockoe Alliance to advocate for preservation and protection of Shockoe’s surviving historic resources. We believe there are many great things about the Plan, including the creation of a Heritage Campus to serve as a central feature of the district.However, the sequencing of some of the draft Plan’s policies – by prioritizing rezoning over the archaeology ordinance, demolition review ordinance and small expansion of the City Old and Historic District – present a threat to the surviving historic resources.

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I GIVE to Historic Richmond because the work they do keeps Richmond unique, beautiful, and authentic! Join me in any way you can on Tuesday, October 5th for the Day of Giving! #HistoricRVA #Dayofgiving @HistoricRVA

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Ways to Give

  2. Venmo @HistoricRichmond
  3. Call: 804-643-7407
  4. Mail a check with "Day of Giving" in the Memo line
    Historic Richmond
    4 East Main Street Suite 1-C
    Richmond, Va 23219


Thank you to our generous donors for their support on this Day of Giving!