Virginia Historic Garden Week April 26 through May 3



“It’s called Historic Garden Week, but that’s selling it short. For eight days beginning April 26, the doors and garden gates of 250 private residences — some grandiose, all enticing — will be thrown open for inspection and ogling. The vicarious thrills are considerable. And while many of the properties indeed are historic, the event is also a way to inspect fresh renovations, spot design trends and be reassured that gracious living traditions are alive and well statewide. Three Richmond tours include Byrd Park and Maymont (April 30), Glenbrooke Hills (May 1) and Hampton Gardens (May 2), neighborhoods that have only deepened in appeal since their development in the early 20th century.” READ THE ARTICLE

The Council of Historic Richmond will co-sponsor the Byrd Park and Maymont tour on April 30. For more information, dates and tickets CLICK HERE.


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