Celebrate the City | VIRTUAL Rehab Expo

We know you’re at home, working on your TO DO LIST and getting ready for Spring and you may have some questions about your Historic Home…

Starting THURSDAY, APRIL 2, we will be highlighting vendors and resources to help you with common questions/problems/tasks/issues with your historic home!

We will link you to experts and organizations working in historic trades including construction, plaster, landscaping, decorative painting, lending, historic researching, and more! Tune in to our Instagram and Facebook Pages to see photos of our participating vendors and learn more about THESE EXPERTS!
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Click HERE for Historic Richmond’s Property Owner Toolkit
Click HERE to find out if your home is in a City Old and Historic District
Click HERE for information about the Commission of Architectural Review (CAR)
Click HERE for DHR Historic Trades List
Click HERE for a List of Participating Vendors

Questions? Contact our Preservation Team!

Danielle Porter [email protected]
Elisabeth Price [email protected]

We will be back next year at Historic St. John’s Church in Church Hill, but in the mean time, check out their website and social media for more information, virtual reenactments and more!

The Historic Richmond Rehab Expo is provided for informational purposes only. Inclusion of an exhibitor in the Rehab Expo does not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or warranty by Historic Richmond of any organization, company, or individual, nor reflect in any way upon the products and/or services provided by any organization, company, or individual. Historic Richmond is not in a position to certify whether any organizations, companies or individuals included as exhibitors in the Historic Richmond Rehab Expo are “qualified” or to make specific recommendations and is not responsible for the quality or cost of the proposed work, product, or services. Before hiring anyone included as exhibitors in the Historic Richmond Rehab Expo, Historic Richmond strongly recommends that references and credentials be checked by the consumer and that more than one bid be obtained. Retaining a particular firm/consultant is at the sole discretion of attendees of this event.

Furthermore, the list of exhibitors at the Historic Richmond Rehab Expo is neither a complete nor inclusive list of those providing preservation services or products. If a firm or consultant is not included in the Historic Richmond Rehab Expo it does not mean they are not qualified.

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