A Message from Historic Richmond

Historic Richmond supports removing the Confederate monuments from Monument Avenue. We are heartbroken by the pain suffered by the Black community and stand with them in their struggle to be heard, as well as in opposing longstanding injustices and systemic racism in our country. The debate regarding Confederate monuments has been polarizing in Richmond and other cities across the country for many years. The Richmond region and communities across the nation are confronting the crisis of racism which has afflicted our country for generations. People are hurting, and we feel it.

We have been spending a great deal of time listening to the community discussions relating to the monuments on Monument Avenue. As the leading Richmond preservation foundation, we believe the Confederate monuments should be removed and interpreted in such a way that they may serve as educational tools from which future generations may learn not only the full history of the monuments and the figures they depict, but also the Jim Crow era in which they were erected and the Lost Cause mythology with which they are associated. Our support for these changes aligns with our mission to shape the future of Richmond by telling our city’s story as unique and distinct while preserving our city’s character, energizing our neighborhoods and collaborating to keep Richmond interesting and authentic.

Our city’s history is broad and complex, and we believe this moment gives us all a valuable opportunity to tell our whole story through the diverse and dynamic canvas of Richmond. Together, we can build a new architectural legacy on Monument Avenue and a better Richmond.


June 22, 2020


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