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Life Inside a Slave House

Feb 28, 2022

Thank you to all who attended Life Inside a Slave House, and special thanks to our sponsors, Dominion Energy and TCV Trust & Wealth Management. We were grateful for the knowledge shared by our panelists, Ana Edwards, Crystal O’Connor, and Douglas Sandford. If you find this presentation valuable, please consider a donation, here. Life Inside…

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The History and Documentation of Slave Housing in Virginia

Aug 26, 2021

Thank you to all the participants who made Historic Richmond’s presentation, “The History and Documentation of Slave Housing in Virginia” such a success. We were grateful for the knowledge our panelists Elvatrice Belsches, Jobie Hill, and Douglas Sanford kindly shared on this topic, and for the sponsorship Dominion Energy and TCV Trust & Wealth Management,…

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Shockoe Brown Bag Lunch

Historic Richmond Brown Bag Lunch: A Virtual Walk Around Shockoe

Aug 16, 2021

Historic Richmond Brown Bag Lunch: A Virtual Walk Around Shockoe Shockoe is the valley where Richmond began. It is not only Richmond’s oldest neighborhood, but also has Richmond’s oldest surviving residential, commercial, industrial and civic structures. Many of Shockoe’s historic resources have been lost or are no longer visible on our developing urban landscape. Join…

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Ingredients for Success: People, Places & Preservation

Mar 24, 2021

Click here to watch now! A look at several of Richmond’s most important historic preservation projects from landmark civic structures to its most humble neighborhoods. What did we do right? What went wrong? Why were these places important to save? How have these places helped to shape Richmond as the unique, beautiful and authentic place…

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Preservation and Sustainability

Feb 4, 2021

Click Here To Watch Now!   A Panel discussion with Quinn Evans Architects and the University of Richmond about the tie between preservation and sustainability. We will explore what that means for valuing existing buildings, carbon reductions and energy efficiency goals, and how reusing existing buildings are key to making an impact on climate change.…

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This Old House: A DIY Guide to Researching your Historic Home

Jul 24, 2020

Watch now! Click here! Little is known of the early history of Brookbury Farm, an antebellum agricultural plantation and one of the oldest houses in the City of Richmond. Most recently the home of Judge James Sheffield, the first Black judge to be appointed to a Virginia court since Reconstruction, the property was clearly historically…

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Faux Graining: The Doors of Monumental Church

May 30, 2018

We are excited to present the completed faux graining to the inner sanctuary doors at Monumental Church! In 2017 Black Creek Workshop completed a paint analysis and reveal of the original faux graining on the doors at Monumental Church dating from 1814. From that sample, (that can still be seen on the west portico doors)…

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Beauty in the Details: Classical Architecture in Downtown Richmond

May 3, 2016

A look at Richmond’s evolving downtown architecture and how its varied nature repeatedly has referenced classical elements and ancient precedent in architectural compositions both complex and modern. Moderated by Calder Loth, senior architectural historian, Virginia Department of Historic Resources. The event was held on April 7, 2016, at the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design…

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The History and Development of Shockoe Valley

Apr 6, 2016

An educational panel discussion of Shockoe Valley with all its complexities, its architecture, the diverse population of races and classes that once called this area home, the role that Richmond played in the slave trade, the variety of commerce, and the impact of transportation. Panelists: Bryan Clark Green, Director of Preservation at Commonwealth Architects David…

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