1302 Floyd Avenue

Year Built: c. 1895

Architectural Style:  Queen Anne with a Georgian Revival porch

District: The Fan

Historic Richmond has been monitoring continued deterioration of 1302 Floyd Avenue. The building had been vacant and boarded up for a number of years. It was acquired by the city in May 2014.

While not listed as part of a National Register Historic District, nor in a City Old and Historic District, this architecturally rich building has retained its most prominent features: a Brownstone base and pressed brick façade, Palladian dormer window and three-story polygonal bay window.

This property was acquired by the City of Richmond in May 2014. Historic Richmond will be working with the City to find a qualified owner.

Updated July 26, 2016: After much due process and paperwork, this property is finally going to be sold to a new owner! This property will be auctioned on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at Motleys as part of the 2016 City of Richmond Tax Delinquent Sale. For more information, click here.