Patteson-Schutte House

Year Built: c. late 1750s

District: Forest Hill

Located in the historic Forest Hill area of Southside Richmond, the Patteson-Schutte House is the oldest frame structure in the city. Believed to have been built sometime after 1750 as a part of the William Byrd II estate, Historic Richmond saved this property from demolition in 2006 when it was purchased from a residential real estate developer. A Patteson family cemetery is located adjacent the property. Vacant for years and without power, the site was overgrown and the structure itself was in need of repair. After finishing his work at the National Theater, Historic Richmond Trustee and 30-year volunteer Jim Whiting decided he would take on the house and dedicated three years toward the structure’s restoration. He accomplished many projects, including: the connection of the structure to City of Richmond water and sewer; the elimination of mold and mildew; the removal of wallpaper; the patching of plaster walls and ceilings; the repair of broken windows; the removal of linoleum flooring in the basement; and general landscaping. Historic Richmond sold this property in 2011 maintaining easements on the house.

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Rebecca Redington

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