Year Built: 1889

Architectural Style: Elements of Free Classic Queen Anne, Folk Victorian, and Colonial Revival

District: Carillon neighborhood

Built in 1889, Marburg is the oldest standing residence in the Byrd Park/Carillon/Maymont area. Maymont itself would not be completed for another 4 years. In early newspaper reports it was consistently referred to as a “handsome”, “attractive”, and “delightful” residence near the “new Reservoir Park on the road the new Pump House”. Even by 1936, Marburg was surrounded by very few homes and retained its country feel – which is still evident today.

Marburg House is difficult to characterize architecturally. It has elements of Free Classic Queen Anne, Folk Victorian, and Colonial Revival styles and has over the years morphed into its current rambling stature with the addition of several bathrooms, hyphens, and patios. Interesting architectural elements abound including false windows, clipped gables, vertical beading, shingle tile siding, and dentil mouldings. An original 2-room outbuilding also remains.

In 2013, the property was sold to developers whose initial plan was to demolish house and replace with 6 upscale homes. Historic Richmond partnered with Dr. Williams Lipps who was interested in purchasing Marburg and restoring it to its former glory. After 7 months of negotiations, Historic Richmond and Lipps brokered a compromise with the developers. A contract for purchase was executed to Lipps on reduced acreage (0.355 acres).

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