1913 and 1915 Grove Avenue

Year Built: 1914

Architectural Style: Colonial Revival

Neighborhood: The Fan

Historic Richmond is currently monitoring the two row houses owned by and adjacent to the Tabernacle Baptist Church. Both are contributing structures to the Fan Area National Historic District and contribute to the character, integrity, streetscape, and neighborhood environment of the Fan.

The Tabernacle Baptist Church plans to raze the houses as part of a renovation project. The houses will be replaced by greenspace and the facades will be reconstructed deeper into the lot.

Historic Richmond has photo documented the interior and exterior of the buildings and has proposed that the Church leave the structures in place and adaptively reuse them for the Church’s service needs; leave the façade in place and build or landscape behind them; or sell the two row house so that someone else may benefit from them. The demolition permit was recently issued by the City.

Update: Restored.

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