Quoit Club | Fairfield- Private Home (MEMBERS ONLY)


211 Ross Road

Fairfield was originally known as Rocky Mills when it stood in Hanover County from the middle of the 18th century until it was moved to Henrico County in the 1920s. It is a mansion with great presence distinguished by bold classical elements combined with a traditional Georgian plan, paneling, and brickwork. Of particular note is the use of stone embellishments on the exterior, the robust Doric order in the center hall, and the finely detailed late-Georgian woodwork. As a part of its removal to its present site, the building underwent a major restoration in the Colonial Revival mode. As a result, it is both an important colonial survival and a significant icon of the Colonial Revival movement, and ranks among the most impressive of the prestigious suburban Richmond dwellings of the period. The variations in its rooms and their levels of formality give it a timeless comfortable air.



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