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VUU’s campus life is centered in and around its original “nine noble” buildings enlivened by their Romanesque revival-style turrets and constructed of durable Virginia granite. Completed in 1899, these were buildings of solid Virginia granite. The architecture is Richardsonian Romanesque, designed by a fashionable architect of national note, John H. Coxhead of Buffalo, New York. The buildings were arranged according to the prevailing architectural and landscape plan for college campuses at the time. The Industrial Hall was one of these original buildings designed for VUU’s campus. Nestled in this classic collegiate environment is a surprising architectural exception to the rule; the Belgian Building. Designed for the 1939 New York World’s Fair by world renowned modernist and founder of Belgian Art Nouveau Henri Van de Velde, the building was gifted to Virginia Union University by the Belgian government after the Fair’s end. This walking tour will immerse you in the campus of VUU, past and present!

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Parking Information:
We will be meeting in the Living and Learning building #31 on the map attached HERE.
Parking is available on site in the parking lot.
** The Address 1500 N Lombardy street will direct you to the University Library, please drive around to the Living and Learning building #31 on the map attached HERE.

Tour Information:
Tours will be leaving the Living and Learning Center at
6:15 PM, 6:30 PM, and 6:45 PM

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