Quoit Club | 3210 Seminary Avenue


3210 Seminary Ave. | The Gilliam Watt House

*This event is a Members-Only event
  Single tickets may not be purchased

  • Event is free for Quoit Club members
  • No stiletto heals may be worn in the home
  • Street parking is available on the even numbered side of Seminary Avenue

The Gilliam Watt House, located at 3210 Seminary Ave., is a two and a half story colonial revival house that is constructed of brick and slate.  The house contains numerous architectural details, such as a front porch with ionic columns and 400+ square feet of original mosaic tile.  The house is named for two of its previous owners, Marshall M. Gilliam and Preston B. Watt.  Marshall M. Gilliam was a prominent Richmond attorney who purchased an “Estate Lot” from the  Lewis Ginter Land & Improvement Co. in 1907 and constructed the house in 1908 for his second wife, Emma Gilliam.  In 1923, Preston B. Watt, a former president of the Virginia Trust Company, purchased the house from Mrs. Gilliam’s estate.  Various members of the Watt family lived in the Gilliam Watt House for over fifty years.

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