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St. Paul’s is one of Richmond’s premier historic sites.  The parish came into being as an outgrowth of Monumental Church to accommodate the expanding membership. Consecrated in 1845, the building is a masterpiece of the Greek Revival style, and a stately complement to Thomas Jefferson’s temple-form capital across the street. The building was designed by Thomas S. Stewart and was the largest church to have been built in Virginia at the time.

Contrary to the conventions of the day, baptisms, marriages, and funerals were performed at St. Pauls’s for both free and enslaved blacks. In 1860, the Prince of Wales (late King Edward VII) attended Sunday service at St. Paul’s. In 1990 it was used for the inaugural prayer service for L. Douglas Wider.  It is also known for its association with the Confederacy, as General Robert E. Lee and his wife attended services throughout the war and Confederate President Jefferson Davis was a member of the parish. Though the church has been known as the “Cathedral of the Confederacy,” it has recently begun removing all images of the Confederate flag from within its walls and leading the way towards reconciliation.

Members are free

Non-members $20 a person. Tickets Here.

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